About The SLQ

In 2009, John Pisapia and Daniel Reyes-Guerra developed The Strategic Leadership Questionnaire (SLQ), to measure the individuals' capacity to use a wide array of leadership actions to engage followers and develop commitment to organizational goals.

The SLQTM is a reliable and valid assessment tool that measures the participant’s capability to use a multifaceted set of leader actions. It:

  • Assesses the use of four sets of leader actions: Managing and Transforming, Bonding, Bridging, and Bartering.
  • Informs  the respondent of the relationship of their actions to their effectiveness in managing and leading followers
  • Enables respondents to compare their performance to norms drawn from a baseline set of data.
  • Identifies the best talent to hire, promote and develop.
  • Is useful in self-assessment for personal growth.
  • Is useful to consultants in organizational development and seminars
  • Has been translated into Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish, Turkish, and Malay.
  • Comes in self, observer, and supervisor forms. 


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- SLQ On Line
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