The Strategic Leader Network (SLN)

Dear SLers:
The mission of the Strategic Leadership Network (SLN) is to advance research and the practice of strategic leadership through the generation and exchange of knowledge. The SLN is currently made up of three synergistic groups focused on research, services, and use of strategic leadership principles and tools. We would be delighted if you would join us in some capacity.

  • The core researcher group is composed of active academic or corporate researchers from education, government, and the for profit sector. By design the group is small and limited to no more than three invited individuals from each sector.  To be admitted to membership in this group, one must have published and empirically based papers, articles, books, or currently conducting research that leads to publication. The task of this group is to research the paradigm and continue to develop it. 
  • The providers group is comprised of professional developers and executive coaches who take the ideas and consult with organizations to put them into practice. These members go through a certification process which enables them to use the techniques and materials developed by SLN to train others in their use. 
  • The end user group is composed of individual practitioners and/or organizations that are committed to using SL ideas to improve their organizational and personal performance in the workplace.  

The SLN meets once a year in different parts of the world to learn from each other, get the latest research, solutions that move the bottom line, and tools to make it happen months before they hit the public domain, and to renew commitments to SLN principles. SLN sponsors a website where researchers and practitioners can download full-text research reports, PowerPoints, assessment tools, and access references.

Research Projects
SLN is interested in research and development programs that are intended to promote at least one of the three dimensions and six habits of strategic leadership described by John Pisapia in his writings: Strategic Thinking (Agility, systems thinking, reflection, and framing and reframing; Anticipating, and Articulating), Strategic Maneuvering (Artistry, managing, leading, bonding, bridging, and bartering), and/or Strategic Execution (Aligning and Assuring).

The following partnerships and research projects have been established within the SLN during the past two years.


  1. Strategic thinking, maneuvering, and execution skills of school principals in Hong Kong, public sector managers in the UK, School Principals in Shanghai and the USA, and public sector managers in Turkey.
  2. The application of the Strategic Thinking Protocol in Higher Education Departments and Colleges, and in Schools - All in the USA

Research Projects

  1. Strategic Leader Capablity and Change Management in Ministry of Education - Turkey - Underway
  2. Strategic Leader Capability of Sports Managers - Turkey - Underway
  3. Strategic Thinking Capability of Health Managers - Turkey - Underway
  4. Team Strategic Leader Thinking and Capability and School effectiveness - USA Underway
  5. Strategic Leader CapablityStrategic Leader Capablity and School Effectiveness - USA - Underway
  6. Strategic Thinking and Leadership Capablity and Teacher and Professor Effectiveness - USA - Underway
  7. Strategic Thinking skills of entering University freshman - USA  - Completed
  8. Strategic Thinking skills of firefighters - USA - Completed
  9. Strategic Thinking skills of YMCA directors - USA - Completed
  10. Strategic Thinking skills of corporate managers - USA - Completedy
  11. Strategic maneuvering and execution skills of HealthCare Managers - Turkey - Completed
  12. Strategic maneuvering and execution skills of school principals - USA - completed
  13. Strategic Thinking, values, and leadership - Shanghai - Completed
  14. Strtegic Thinking of Gratudate Students - Singapore - underway
  15. Strategic Thinking and excecution skills of public sector managers - UK - Underway
  16. Strategic thinkng, maneuvering, and engagement - HK - underway
  17. The Strategic Thinking Protocol in Transforming Higher Education - USA - Completed

Thank you for all you have done to help our community grow.  I look forward to serving you and the SLN community for many years to come.  Wishing you a wonderful new year full of surprise and success!  

 John Pisapia, Founder
The Strategic Leader Network (SLN)

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