About the STQ

In 2008, John Pisapia and Daniel Reyes-Guerra developed The Strategic Thinking Questionnaire (STQ), to measure the capablity of leaders to think strategically. Average to above average scores on the STQ suggest that the respondent is effective in using the strategic thinking skills, meaning that he or she is most likely to possess the skills to be a strategic thinker. The higher the scores, the more positive the prediction for effective functioning in meeting environmental demands and pressures. On the other hand, an inability to be an effective strategic thinker is suggested by low scores.

The STQTM is a reliable and valid assessment tool that:

  • Measures the participant’s capability to think strategically.
  • Assesses the use of three mental processing skills: reflection, reframing, and systems thinking.
  • Reveals the test-taker ability to think flexibly, conceptually and strategically.
  • Provides participants with a deeper understanding of their thinking skills and their  relationship to their effectiveness in managing and leading organizations/teams.
  • Enables respondents to compare their performance to norms drawn from a baseline set of data.
  • Is useful to identify the best talent to hire, promote, and develop.
  • Is useful in self-assessment for personal growth.
  • Is useful to consultants in organizational development and seminars
  • Has been translated into Spanish, Mandarin, Malay, and Turkish.

The studies undertaken to test the STQ include managers and executives from for-profit and not for-profit companies and organizations. Over 7,000 individuals have taken the STQ.

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