Strategic Leadership 102

How to Make the Future Happen!

What is Strategic Leadership 102?
Strategic Leadership 102 is a full-day course that introduces you to the skills you need to make the future a reality for your team/organization. You will learn how to:

  • Use research validated leader actions - transforming, managing, bonding, bridging, and bartering - to reach the hearts and minds of your staff and colleagues, develop a cohesive culture, and execute your intended purpose so you achieve long term, not random success.

Is Strategic Leadership 102 the right course for me?
Strategic Leadership 102 enables you get feedback from your direct reports on your leader actions and the impact they have on staff motivation, engagement and performance. use SL leadership actions and tactics to motivate people to become self-managed engaged workers,  execute your purpose and goals align human and structures so that a cohesive high performing team or organization is produced. You will leave the workshop with:

  1. Your Leader Action Map
  2. An clear understanding of your ability to lead and engage people in pursuit of high performance
  3. An enhanced ability to motivate people to become self-managed, engaged, and accountable workers.
  4. A professional growth plan to continue to develop your leadership actions, and
  5. An ability to apply structural tools to develop a high performing culture and assure results.

What does Strategic Leadership 102 Cover? 

Morning Session

Afternoon Session

Overview of the SL Method


  1. Self-assess on Strategic Leader Action Skills (SLQ) -
    Transforming - Managing - Bonding - Bridging - Bartering - 
  2. Receive extensive feedback on assessment results
  3. Create Professional Growth Plan to continue to improve these Leadership behaviors 

The Tool used
The Strategic Leadership Questionnaire (SLQTM) is a fully research validated tool that enables you to use Transforming, Managing, Bonding, Bridging, and Bartering behaviors to lead and manage your organization, your team, and yourself.   

Overview of Strategic Doing Protocol

Participants Learn to:

  1. apply the strategic doing protocol to create the conditions that support creation and sustainability of high performing individuals, teams, and organizations
  2. set clear goals and measure them,
  3. teach the organization's point of view,
  4. empower,
  5. recruit for cultural and performance fit,
  6. make learning a priority, and
  7. tie rewards to contributions.

The Tool used

The Strategic Execution Protocol is a research verified dynamic tool that enables you to build the conditions that support high performance. You will learn to set clear goals and measure them, teach the organization's point of view, empower, recruit for cultural and performance fit, make learning a priority, and tie rewards to contributions. 

John Pisapia, Professor of Leadership Studies at Florida Atlantic University   Dr. Pisapia developed his Principles of Strategic Leadership
 through his 23 years of management practice, his research, and consultation. These principles, assessment tools, and research are captured in his book: The strategic leader: New tactics for a globalizing world was cited as a top 5 Business Book by the Washington Post.

Cost: $200
– includes tuition, lunch, and materials. – SAVE with the early bird specials!

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