STQ Pricing

STQ Pricing effective January 1, 2015

STQ Certification Process

Required for Consultants and Organization Coordinators

per attendee

Study License
Hard Copy

For Researchers - Unlimited Use
for a single study
+ scoring guide

per study

STQ (Online Version)*

SLN loads emails into system manages invitation letters with user names and passwords and sends assessment to each individual. Individual downloads report

For Consultants and Organizations

Quantity Discounts:
1-49          - $14.95
50- 99       - $13.50 
100-250    - $11.95
251-1000  - $10.47

per test

STQ (Online Version)

Participant goes to the SLN web site and purchases an individual assessment. Individual downloads report

For Individuals


Versions = Arabic, Croatian, English, Farsi, Malay, Mandarin, Polish, Turkish, Spanish

The SLN Catalog

- STQ On Line
- STQ Coach

- SLQ On Line
- SLQ Coach


Consulting Services
- Strategic Thinking Coach



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